Monday, July 15, 2013

Splishin' & a Splashin'

While Auntie and Flob were in town we spent a lot of time splishin' and a splashin'! The weather was pretty warm and sunny and we were always looking for ways to cool down. 

One day we went to our pool. 
Brad, Jayne, Cohen, and Arie joined us too. 

Flob sure is fun and such a good sport! 

He got dumped on underneath the buckets! 

Mallory and I even took a turn or two! It was fun and Nolan thought it was hilarious! 

We are so thankful to have our pools! We spend a lot of time there! And we can just imagine as the kids get older how they will probably practically live there during the summer! 

One afternoon we decided to blow up the little kiddie pool so the boys could just hang out in the backyard and not be so hot. We didn't have a pump so Flob got it started and I finished blowing it up. It took forever, but the kids really enjoyed it. 

The water was cold but refreshing! 

Brooks went under a few times because he has no fear of the water. We just had to pull him out and he would get right back to playing. 

 Love these shots of my little. 
His eyes are just like mine. 

After Flob left, Mal and the boys and I hit up Stonegate's South Pool. 
The boys liked the fountains! 

And Brooks threw every single toy into the zero depth area. 

This one's cute. He's such a pointer! 

On Mallory's last day, we had some water balloon fun! 

I made a target and we played a fun tossing game! 

Nolan was the winner! They loved it! 

Then Mallory and I played a round of Water Balloon Toss. We were like kids. We would have played a few more round, it was so fun, but we had the boys try next. All they really wanted to do was have a fight, but we made them play a round. The balloon ended up popping on Heath after a few tosses back and forth. 

 Then we let them have at it. 

Auntie was such a fun target! 

The boys quickly realized that the best spot for their war was right next to the cooler full of water balloons. That way Mallory had to sneak in for more ammunition, but they had easy access to all of the water balloons!

If you look closely, you can see water splashing in this one from Mallory's toss at the boys. 

Look at Nolan's face in these ones. Pure joy! Heath didn't like getting bombed in the face. But they both loved getting splashed on the back or their feet. 

Their first water balloon fight was a success! And it was one of their favorite memories from their week with Auntie! 

Auntie & Flob...
Thank you so much for spending your vacation with us! You are both so loving and fun! You create special moments for our boys and take the time to love on each one individually. They treasure their time with you! And are already talking about Christmas and what they want to do with you then! Thank you for being such great friends to Mark and I as well! We loved cooking, talking, having drinks, watching t.v., and laughing with you! 

Flob- "Don't pierce my ear!" 
Mal- wink, wink! ;)

Love you both! 

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