Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cancun:: Sunday & Monday

Sunday and Monday in Cancun were days filled with the pool and the beach! In the mornings, the boys would wake up and wander into our room. Then we'd shoo them out to go check on what their cousins and Oma & Opa were doing so that we could sleep a little longer. Then we'd get up, feed the boys a quick breakfast, and then hit the pool! We were pretty much the first people in the pool each morning at anywhere from 8 to 9 a.m. This was one of my favorite parts of our trip- quiet time at the pool before it got too hot or busy. 

More time at the beach on Sunday afternoon...

Some poolside activities kicked off on Sunday. 
Mark and Brad played a "Mixology" game. 

Mark named all the ingredients in this drink- The Tropicana. And he won it! Yum! Our first win of the week! 

The boys sure loved their "Happy Hour" each afternoon after their rest time! (We tried to have them take a nap or get in bed to watch a movie most afternoons. They just needed some down time!) Their first drink of the week was a Strawberry Daiquiri. 

Later that afternoon, we headed over to the Welcome Party. We got some free beers...
and each of us ladies got a "5 minute free sample" massage with Omar! It was only 5 minutes, but it was AWESOME! (In this picture, Nolan thought it was so funny when he saw Oma laying on the massage bed, so he ran over and gave her a smooch!) Bruce saw how much we loved our free samples and treated each of us couples to a Couples Massage later in the week. Of course, each of us girls requested Omar! And it was fantastic- an hour of oceanside relaxation. Thanks Dad! 

Monday started much the same as Sunday, although all of the fun daily activities started. I have always loved doing Aqua Aerobics on our past trips to Cancun! Barb, Jayne, and I (along with about 10 other white haired ladies) hit the pool each morning at 10 o'clock,  for about 45 minutes of exercise. It was super fun! After Water Aerobics each day, we would play BINGO. 

I won two times during the week! I won a beer koozie and 2 free drinks! 

Bingo Bingo Cha Cha Cha! 

The boys LOVED this silly bird that came to dance! He was pecking Nolan's head! 

They got out of the pool to dance with him! 

Opa ordered some fruit platters and it was a feeding frenzy! 

Nolan has become so much more confident in the water this summer! He loves floating and swimming around all by himself now, which is so great! We are so proud of him! 

Another day, another Happy Hour! This time at the pool bar! Nolan ordered a "Miami Vice" and Heath ordered a Banana Daiquiri. 

We hit the beach a little later on Monday so that it wouldn't be quite so hot. 

Nolan loved the sea weed...silly boy! 

Love this shot! Handsome boy! 

Mark took these pictures of Jayne and her boys...

They turned out super cute. 

After busy days at the pool or the beach, most days we would make something easy for the boys to eat for dinner. Then we would put on a movie for them to watch and relax and then we would order take out. It was just easier then taking them out to dinner each night after exhausting days in the sun. We did go out a few times, which was a nice evening activity, but we actually really enjoyed our dinners on the patio. We ate everything from pizza, to tacos, to a shrimp po' boy. But we REALLY loved their bacon cheese burgers! After we would put the kids to bed we would hang out outside and chat or have a night cap. But most nights we were still in bed by 10:30 p.m. Fun in the sun takes it's toll on kids and adults too! 

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Jill Sloothaak said...

Oh my! I am just now catching up on all of these posts! LOVE reading about your fun trip! Looks like pure relaxation! Bliss!!