Saturday, July 13, 2013

Independence Day!

We spent the 4th of July at the cabin as we always do. This year we had some fun company along with us! 
Getting prepped for the parade! 

Running down to the parade.

Brooks loved his flag! And Bob was such a good sport in his Dr. Suess hat! Ha! 

The Indian Hills parade...

This year it was short and sweet. And was actually more like a water fight then a parade. We all got a little wet and the boys got some serious candy! They loved waving and running out to collect it! 

After the parade we headed back to the cabin for some more outdoor fun and a yummy cookout! 

Uncle Wes brought his b.b. guns, the boys had fun trying them out.

This picture makes me laugh! 

Then it was time for a little cousin baseball. 
Brady sending Nolan home! 

Heathy posing on Home Plate! 

Even Oma played! 

And Mommy too! 

After some whiffle ball, we hung around for awhile after others had left, and enjoyed the peacefulness of the cabin! 

Nolan loves smacking branches against the trees to try to break them. Here he was teaching Auntie how to do it! 

It started to rain a bit, so we decided to head inside.
Mark played the player piano and we sang and danced. 

How much is that doggy in the window? The boys LOVE the player piano! 

Brooksie rocked to the tunes with Opa. 

We headed home late in the afternoon. The boys rested, took a bath, and ate dinner. 
Then Auntie broke out the Pop-Its! 
Due to the high fire danger, we could not do fireworks this year! Bummer! 

But the boys sure had fun with the Pop-Its!

Trying to make Flob jump! 

With the kids clean and cozy in their p.j.s we headed to Salisbury Park for Parker's Laser Light Show. 
We found a spot to put our blankets and we listened to an 80's cover band while we waited for the show to start. 

Love this picture of my handsome guys! 

The boys loved the music and the lasers were pretty cool. Sad that we couldn't have fireworks, but this was a good alternative. 

The show was about 30 minutes, and probably about 15 minutes in, both Nolan and Heath fell asleep on the blanket. They were exhausted from a fun day! But Brooks stayed up until after 10 p.m. watching the sky in awe! 

We had a super fun day and enjoyed celebrating our freedom and our amazing country! 


Jill Sloothaak said...

I remember Nolan teaching us to break sticks against the trees at the cabin! Silly boy!

Kati Hart said...

The laser show is a clever alternative to fireworks! Can you believe there are NO parades on the 4th of July in this part of the South? It seems un-American to me! Happy 4th, dear friend.