Friday, July 12, 2013

Auntie and Flob!

My sister, Mallory, and her bf, Bob, a.k.a. Flob, came to Denver for the past week! We had the best time together and our week was jam packed with fun! This first post is dedicated to a bunch of random things that we did throughout the week! 

Of course, the second the Johnson family gets to town, the boys love to get creative! They pulled out the Play Dough almost immediately. 
Check out this pretty sweet bird I made for Nolan. Even us adults enjoy Play Dough! 
The first day they were here was pretty much just playtime. The boys were so excited to have some of their favorite playmates here. We played, we went to the store, and Mallory and Bob whipped up some delicious Cashew Chicken for us for dinner. They are great cooks!

Later that evening the boys helped Auntie make some 4th of July cupcakes. 

And after bedtime, us adults had a little frosting fun of our own. 
frosting tats

 He's so weird. 

The boys decorated their cupcakes the next day. 

Bob kindly sorted out all the red and blue sprinkles and then the boys topped them with Pop Rocks, as well, for a firecracker effect. 

They were delicious and fun to eat! 

One day we picked up a pizza and had a picnic at the park. 
The boys have been SO into swinging lately. 

Nolan wanted Auntie to go down the slide with him. 
crash landing

Auntie and Flob took the boys on a date to the movies. They saw "Monsters University". They LOVED it and even better they got to buy popcorn, icees, and candy at the theater! A special treat! Here they are posing with Turbo, another movie we plan on seeing this summer! 

After the movie the boys told us all about it! They were so happy to share all the details of their fun night with us. 

Mark received free tickets from work to the Josh Groban concert at Red Rocks last Sunday. Lucky for us we just happened to have live in babysitters that day, so Mark and I were able to have a nice date night. We started out with margaritas at The Morrison Inn and then headed over for our first concert at Red Rocks. 
NCM does a Fathom Event with Josh Groban so we were able to go backstage to meet him before the concert. It was a pretty cool experience. 

Our backstage passes and his autograph on our ticket. 

We aren't his Super Fans or anything, but it was a cool experience and he is very talented. 

Love this man of mine and this date was much needed! 

While we were gone, the boys were in very capable hands. They made Oceans in a Bottle, ate mac 'n cheese, built a fort, and watched Wreck it Ralph. When we got home, the boys were sleeping and Mal and Bob said that they were great! Always nice to hear when parents return from being away! I think the boys really enjoyed a little time away from us too. 
Picking out their seashells and sequins to put in their oceans. 

Hanging in their fort.

Flob only stayed until Monday. Mallory stayed until today. On his last day, we headed over to the mall to do a little shopping. 

 We hit up all the boys' favorite spots: the fountains, the Lego Store, the Pet Shop, and the Disney Store. And we picked out some cool new shades for Heath since his broke in Cancun. 

And we stopped for lunch at a Flob Family favorite- Jack in the Box. 

The boys had been seeing Despicable Me 2 Happy Meal commercials on T.V. so they requested McDonalds. We swung by the drive through to get them their favorite chicken nuggets and then we ate outside at Jack in the Box. They can't wait to see this new movie with Grandma next week!

Later that day it was off to the airport to drop off Flobby. The boys, and Mallory, Mark, and I were so sad to see him go! He is such a fun guy! 
Auntie treated the boys to fun Monsters University toys early in the week, and then they spent many evenings drawing all the guys with chalk in our driveway. This guy is Nolan's favorite- ART. Auntie drew the outline and then Nolan colored him in. (Can you spot Art in his hand as well?)

The next day, Auntie and I were on our own with the boys. So we took them for a sweet treat that morning. 
They had never been to Krispy Kreme before, so we thought it would be a fun outing. 


They liked watching the donuts being made! 

And they looked adorable in their baker's hats. 

More playtime around the house- a rousing game of Chutes and Ladders. The never ending game.  

Auntie's birthday is next week, so one night, we took her out to FroYo and surprised her with a little birthday celebration! 
She didn't know we were going to pull out a birthday hat and candle and sing to her! 

It was fun! 

The boys gave her a card and gift as well. 

We love you Auntie...Happy 28th! We hope this will be a fantastic year for you and that all of your wishes come true! 

More park time at Daddy's softball game. 

Free Slurpees on 7-11! 

And finally, Auntie's goodbye dinner at, where else, IHOP! 
Create a Face pancakes and all you can eat syrup are always a hit with our boys at "Pancake World"! 

This little piggie chowed down on bites from all of our plates. He is not at the easiest take out to eat stage. He does not want to sit still in his high chair. So restaurants like IHOP are perfect for this family. 

Nolan ate every last bite off of his plate! 

And we finished the evening with a Glow Bath. Auntie always comes bearing glow sticks. They were fun in the fort, as night lights in bed, and in the bath! That Auntie is always full of creative ideas! 

Wow! That was a lot of photos! And there's still more. Coming up...posts from The 4th of July, Estes Park, and Pool Days! We sure love Auntie and Flob and were so blessed by their time spent with us! 

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