Friday, November 1, 2013


Here are some pictures from some Halloween fun we've been having! 

Nolan won a school raffle and he scored some cookie decorating time with his teacher. 
He got to choose a friend to join them too. He chose his buddy James. They stayed after school, mixed food coloring into frosting to create colors of their liking, and frosted, and decorated, and had the BEST time! Such a special memory for him! 

One evening last week our doorbell rang as we were reading our bedtime stories. Mark and Brooks ran to the door to find that we had been BOOed! 
They opened the door to find only this cute little ghost and a pumpkin bucket full of goodies: candy, a Halloween book, glow in the dark fangs, glow stick spinners, and more! 

The boys were all so excited to dig into all their fun surprises! 

When you get BOOed, you then have to pay it forward and BOO two other families! Mark took the boys out BOOing while I was at Women's Group. They had such cool stories to tell me about their fun! They drove to the first house. Nolan wanted to watch from the car. Heath wanted to get in on the action. Daddy and Heath RAN to the front door, dropped the pumpkin, rang the doorbell, and RAN back to the car. Heath jumped in the front seat and they quickly drove away! He thought it was AWESOME that Daddy let him ride home in the front seat! Then they headed home to BOO the second house which was across the street. They approached the door and dropped off the pumpkin bucket. Then Mark gave Heath a running start, he rang the doorbell, and caught up with Heath. Mark said it was hilarious to watch Heath book it across the street and into the house! I can just picture him! He loves anything a little adventurous, a little on the edge. Nolan and Brooks watched the second BOOing from the front window. Nolan loved the buckets and the treats inside and he loved picking out who we should BOO and cutting out the ghost, but he's just not a risk taker. He'd rather watch and smile and laugh at his crazy Dad and brother! I love each of my boys and their unique personalities! We look forward to being BOOed again next year! What a fun new neighborhood tradition!  

Auntie Mal and Flob sent a fun Halloween package! Look at these cute bags she decorated! 

A couple of years ago she sent this Mr. Potato Head pirate pumpkin set. The boys love sticking the pieces into a pumpkin each year! It's an easy way that they can help, even Brooks helped put in a piece or two. And you can decorate the pumpkin earlier than when you carve since it doesn't get moldy. 

The boys were so spoiled with gifts from all the people who love them. Grandma and Grandpa sent these fun gift bags with these spooky animals and candy inside. And Oma & Opa gave them cards with $3 each inside! They loved all of their fun presents! 

One of our favorite Women's Group Traditions is carving Pumpkins! 
This year I got all Pinteresty and used a drill! 

It turned out pretty cool! I was originally going to switch up the drill bits and use different sizes. But I was doing a little too much chatting and didn't have enough time. So I ended up carving the slits instead. Maybe next year I'll try out another, more intricate drilled design. It was fun! 

Nolan has been obsessed with all things Halloween and creepy! He has been coming home with "spooky" drawings from school and writing the word Boo all over everything! He has made many cool Fall projects at school. But I just happened to snap a picture of a few. Above is a creepy hand filled with candy corn and popcorn and a witches broom- it had a popcorn ball and candy stuffed inside. Then he  cut the fringes and picked out a branch from outside for the broom stick. 

Nolan's class made pumpkin glyphs. Love that he chose to make his a happy pumpkin! 

And here is his October calendar. They make an art project/calendar each month. His teacher is very into art which is super fun for Kindergarteners. I feel like I don't do enough artwork with my class. It's hard to fit it all in! 

 This past weekend I took Nolan and Heath to the Southlands Trick or Treat Street! We had never been before. It was crazy and busy, but the boys had a great time! You get in a line of kids in costumes and walk from store to store collecting candy. It was a beautiful day to be outside in the sunshine! 
Nolan was a trick or treating PRO! He did such a great job saying "trick or treat" and "thank you"! Heath got weirdly shy and barely said a word. Good thing he looked cute because that's the only way he got any candy! Ha!

They both LOVED this green guy at the T-Mobile store! They smiled and jumped up and down to high five him. 

They love dressed up characters. They would LOVE Disney right now. Too bad I can't talk their Daddy into that one yet. But every time we saw a character Heath would whisper to me, "Mommy, Mommy, there's a person in there." And he couldn't take his eyes off them. He was so captivated by them. It was so sweet! 

Waiting in line for the next store. They got so excited calling out the names of each costume they saw! 

I had to snap this picture because I loved this girl's peacock costume! So pretty. 

They loved this Panda just as much as the green guy. 

After trick or treating down one side of the mall their buckets were plenty full, so we stopped in the square and played some games. 
Heath won these shades! Perfect prize for a sunglasses loving kid!

Nolan playing the bean bag toss. He won some Halloween silly bands. 

We also visited the Y.M.C.A. Haunted House. I asked the boys if they wanted to go in and they both shouted, "Yes!" So we headed in. Right as we got to the door a VERY creepy guy popped out screeching. We all jumped! The boys weren't so sure that they wanted to go in anymore, but they were so brave and we inched our way through the whole haunted house. Each spooky, creepy, and weird creature or person that popped out screamed and scared us, but then gave us candy. I pushed the boys along and we made it! In the end they were quite proud of themselves for being so brave! It helped that they knew that around each turn was more candy! Ha! 

The boys each ate one piece of candy while waiting in line and then when we got done with all of the activities, we sat down to pick out one more piece. When we sat down Nolan said to me, "Mommy- this was so much fun." So simple, so thoughtful, so right. 

My Ninja Turtles were so cute and we had such a great afternoon together. I love making memories with my growing boys. 

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I'm jealous of your beautiful Halloween weather! Makes it so much fun to do those outdoor activities! Love your sweet ninja turtles!!