Tuesday, November 19, 2013

berry blendz

Heath's class took a walking field trip to a local smoothie shop last week. It used to be called "Inta Juice" but has recently been bought and the name was changed to "berry blendz". I was able to drop Brooks off to Oma & Opa for the morning so that I could help chaperone the trip. I was so happy to be able to go along for this field trip since Daddy was chosen to go to the pumpkin farm with Heath in October. 

We started at school and all the kids put on their orange field trip shirts. Then they put their coats on and we headed out for the short walk. The weather was perfect- in the 50's and sunny. And we walked behind the school, across a small field, and to the back of the King Soopers strip mall. Each teacher or parent held the hands of 1 or 2 children and we slowly made our way. The pace of the average 3 year old is quite slow, but it only took us about 20 minutes or less to walk there. 

Once there, they all took off their coats and met Ms. Matsen, one of the owners. She welcomed them to her shop and gave them a tour. 

Here they are in the stock room. 

They got to check out the freezer. Some of the kids did not want to stay in when she shut the door, so they hopped out before she did. Heath and 2 other kids wanted to try it out, so in they stayed, they turned the light on, and shut the door! He thought he was so cool! 
And we told everyone that he had already been in a freezer once before- at Streamwood Florist! 

Then they headed to the refrigerator to do the same thing. They liked seeing all of the yummy fresh fruits and vegetables in here. They also saw yogurt and juice and Red Bull! Ha! 

Can you tell he was having fun?! This kid is so expressive! Both good and bad! 

Checking out how they wash the fruits, vegetables, and blenders. Can you see Heath raising his hand? He likes to answer questions. 

Checking out the ice machine. I want one of these at home. It makes the perfect small crushed ice cubes. I love Heath's expression in this pic too...brrrr! :) 

Next we headed to the front work space. 
Miss Nancy lifting Heath to check out the coolers. 

Learning about Wheat Grass.

Watching and waiting while their smoothies were being made.

And finally time to enjoy a Strawberry Banana Smoothie! 
Heath sucked his down in no time! It was funny to me that some of the kids had trouble finishing theirs or didn't like theirs. Not our Heath! 

After drinking their smoothies we walked back to school in time for a quick drink and then dismissal. It was a fun Heath and Mommy morning! And I liked being able to watch Heath interact with his teachers and friends. He is doing great in Preschool so far this year. We had a very nice conference this week for him! He is bright and sweet and saves his crazy for home...such a relief! Love this boy! 

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