Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pumpkin Fun!

I had Fall Break this past week, so I decided to whip together a fun little pumpkin carving party! I was just telling Mark that I really thrive when I'm being creative. And I had nothing to plan or make or create for a long time. So I needed to get my "fix"! This little party was the perfect way to take the edge off! Ha! 

And it was so easy! I already had everything that I needed to decorate! 
Here was the kids table. 

And I made little candy filled goodie bags for all the kids. 

Nolan helped me pick the perfect spooky creature for each of his cousins/brothers! 

 The Syers fam joined us for a lasagna dinner. 
Then I found these free printable Halloween Bingo boards online. So I printed them out and we played a fun game of spooky Bingo after dinner. 

The kids used their Halloween candy to mark their spaces. 

Nolan got the first Bingo! Brady got the most Bingos! But everyone was a winner and got to eat their row of candy each time they got a Bingo! 

Then it was time for some pumpkin carving! 
Like with most things, Nolan was hesitant to reach into his pumpkin, but when he did he LOVED it! 

He scooped out all of the seeds! 

He was quite proud of himself! Nolan and Mark chose a cool black cat design for the big pumpkin. Then Nolan drew a face on a smaller pumpkin that I carved for him. 

And in true Heath fashion, he liked wielding the knife, but wouldn't go anywhere near the guts! 

Daddy had to clean his out for him. 

This picture cracks me up! 

Heath told Mark the shapes he wanted: triangle eyes, a circle nose, and a creepy mouth! They made a good team! 

Here he is, smiling with his finished product! 

Brady made a Notre Dame pumpkin! 

Auntie Cara gave Nolan the Notre Dame "N" for Nolan! He thought this was so cool! 

Payton was Miss Creative and drew some cool designs all the way around her pumpkin. She called it "J World"! 

After the pumpkins were carved I planned a Halloween dessert for the kids to make. 

Nolan and Heath each chose the number of eyes for how old they are. 

Payton and Brady making their spiders. I realized I didn't really take too many pictures of the little guys: Lando and Brooks. They were busy playing toys for most of the evening and weren't really in on much of the action I guess. Cara and I are not even in a single picture either. Whoops! 

Here are our family's pumpkins! From L to R: Nolan's happy pumpkin, Mark's cat, my drilled pumpkin, the Pirate Mr. Potato Head pumpkin, and Heath's design. 

Here are all the pumpkins! Brady's Notre Dame pumpkin, Payton's "J World" pumpkin, and the small guy in the front in Landon's. 

It was a fun night for all...even though it doesn't look like Brooksie's having too much fun in the photo below! Ha! 

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