Monday, October 21, 2013

Parker Fall Fest

This weekend was the perfect balance of relaxation and busy. I'm finally getting caught up on blogging, my house is mostly clean, the bills are paid, and I am surrounded by funny, smart, handsome boys everyday! What more could I ask for? I know that God will never give me more than I can handle. And this weekend was just such a nice reminder that GOD.IS.GOOD! We rested, we played, we spent time outside, we socialized, we worshiped. Perfection. (Well, I could have done without a bit of whining and some talking back. And a little less wild would be nice occasionally. But I'll take what I can get!)

On Saturday, the weather was gorgeous! So we started out the morning with coffee, cartoons, and a little ride around the circle. The boys are in desperate need of bike/scooter upgrades and tune ups- Christmas is coming. But they still found ways to roll. 
This picture depicts our typical Colorado fall. Beautiful trees, blue sky, sunshine, shorts & long sleeves, and snow on the grass. What a juxtaposition! 

We had some errands to run so we all loaded up into the car to head out. We had heard about a Fall Fest in Parker, but didn't really know anything about it, so we decided to drive by and check it out at the last minute. We were so glad we did! 

It was at a park/historic farm just a couple of minutes away from our house. And it was FREE! Which is always nice! 
The boys cheesin' in front of the old farm house. It was quite a picturesque day! 

Brooks wanted nothing to do with photos today. All he likes to do is wander. So I didn't force it. But I was glad these two would stop and smile for me. 

We took a tour of the old farm house and watched butter being made. We also got to sample it! The boys all loved it on crackers. 

We checked out these wild birds too...

For some reason, the boys both really like birds. I blame it on Oma & Opa's bird book. They are fascinated by them. I think they are creepy. 

But this ones actually pretty beautiful. Nolan preferred the black one. 

Then we checked out some pelts. 
Nolan's looking at some claws. He wanted to be sure that they were not alive before he would pet them. Ha! 

Heath feeling the Bear fur. 

Look at that blue sky! 

Of course they have their shades on...they always do. 

These two really are built in best buds. I pray that they always treasure this friendship. 

Brooks waved and said, "Haaaaa" to every animal he saw. That's his way of saying "hi". 

Heath and Nolan both got to milk a cow. 

Pretty cool. 

Then they played "Ring the Pumpkin". 

And everyone won a prize. 

We already had pumpkins at home, but we wanted to check out the pumpkin patch just for fun. 
Never too old to sit on a pumpkin! 

Brooks loved picking up the hay and tossing it around. 

This is an expression we see often. So cute with a hint of mischief! He really is something else! 

And here's what happened when I tried to get all 3 of them to pose together...

almost, but... not happening! 

Nolan asked me to take his picture by this tractor. John Deere's will always remind us of our Sloothaak friends. And we were wishing they were here with us! 

Brooks like tractors too. He clearly says, "tractor", which is fun to hear! 

Next we headed over to pet some animals...


 and goats. 
I love how Heath just grabbed this guys horns! Ha! 

We also saw...


and calves! 

Our last stop was a little ropin' game...

The fest also had a hayride, but the line was super long, so decided to pass on that. They had food trucks too, but the boys were happy to snack on crackers and fresh butter, so we really lucked out and had such a fun, FREE, family day! Just what we needed! 

After the Fall Fest, we ran a couple of errands, napped, worked out, and had Oma over for dinner. Opa was out of town on a bike ride with friends. It was nice to have a little extra Oma time at our house! 
We had Happy Hour and a nice meal together. It was a great way to end a great day! 


Cara S. said...

It was a beautiful weekend for sure! The colors on your street are great, and I love your use of the word juxtaposition. Well done :) Looking forward to carving pumpkins next week!

Jill Sloothaak said...

What a fun event! You got LOTS of great photos of your adorable boys and of course Trey LOVED seeing that John Deere. :) We all agree that it would have been so fun to be there WITH YOU. Loved this post, friend!