Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey Day Twenty Eleven

We had a very nice Thanksgiving Day. We started our day with a little relaxing around the house and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving. We Skyped with my parents for awhile and just took it easy! It was so nice having a lazy family morning together. Then we headed over to Cara's house to hang out, enjoy the beautiful fall weather, and help prepare the feast!

Cara hosted Thanksgiving this year in their new home. It was great for the kids to have so many fun toys to play with and for us all to have a little more space to spread out!

We went before nap time in hopes that the boys would both sleep and we could enjoy some quiet time with the fam! When we got there, Brady proudly announced, "I don't have to take a nap because it's Thanksgiving!" This made it hard to convince Nolan that he did indeed need to take a nap! So we put him down, but about an hour later I heard him calling for me. So I went up to check on him and found him wearing Brady's Storm Trooper helmet. Needless to say, he didn't sleep, but maybe he got some rest! He said, "I could hear everybody playing outside!" Poor guy, he didn't want to miss out! And he actually did do pretty well all day and into the evening, going on no sleep. But much to our JOY, Heath actually took a great nap! Three hours! It was heavenly to be able to relax and not have to worry about chasing him and all of his crazy antics!

The temperature was about 70 degrees! So we all spent a lot of time outside in the sunshine!

Heath was pretty much inseparable with his cousin Cohen, but also with his best buddies- Buzz and Woody! Payton and Brady have these great, HUGE Toy Story guys that both of our boys have just loved over the years! They always play with them when they are at the Syers' house.

Uncle Marky and Co Co! Don't you just love his hair? It's growing out to be kind of curly!

Finally, around 4ish it was time to EAT! Cara had the table decorated so crafty and modern! Loved it!

Nolan set a place for Woody at the Kiddie Table!

The Kiddie Table...oh my! We have graduated to independent, unsupervised eating!

Can you tell they did a lot of it?

Nolan ate mainly applesauce, cranberries, and a roll! And I wasn't about to fight him on it either! He is a good eater, but when things aren't prepared the way he is used to, he isn't that adventurous. But he ate more than Heath did that's for sure! Heath still isn't eating much with his cold and croup. So after a bite or two we just let him get down to play so we could have a peaceful dinner! On a side note, he is finally starting to feel better! Yay for less boogers and no more seal barking cough!

We sure had a delicious dinner and ate a TON! I ate just as much as I normally would, but now I really don't have any room for it anymore! Baby is taking up so much room in my belly! I really could not move or breathe after dinner, I was so full!

We stayed to help clean up, eat pie, and do some more playing! Heath and Cohen decided to take Rylan's Monster Truck out for a spin! It was a scary flash forward into the future as they got whip lash and drove herky jerky a few feet at a time in the yard! I wish I would have gotten a video of it! They were quite the sight to see- cool dudes driving around with pacis in their mouths!

The kids all cuddled up to watch a movie and rest after such a fun day together!

We are so thankful for our family who truly loves each other and enjoys spending time with one another! We are are blessed!

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Cara S. said...

It was a great day! Thanks for coming, bringing food, and spending your day with us. We are so blessed to call you guys our friends, and our family!