Sunday, November 13, 2011


Last night I got pampered!
My friends Mandy & Lindsay threw baby #3 and I a fun little dinner party with my closest gals! Check out the invitation that came in the was inside of a Pampers diaper! Who knew you could mail a diaper? Nolan thought it was HILARIOUS when we found it in the mailbox!

It was a wonderful night out without the kids to feel spoiled and loved on before my life becomes crazier than ever in just a few short weeks!

Here are the adorable place settings for our fabulous dinner of flank steak with chimichurri sauce, baked potatoes, and salad! The napkins were folded and pinned like diapers, Lindsay made the adorable cookie favors, and each one included a Bible verse that the girls went around the table and read to me as a prayer for baby before we ate.

We played "Baby Jeopardy"! For the category 'Baby Abby', Mandy asked my Mom questions about me when I was a baby! Of course I rocked this category! And then for the category 'Third Pregnancy', she asked Mark questions about our third pregnancy. It was fun to hear what they had to say! The categories 'Due Date' and 'Baby 101' were actually quite hard! They were full of detailed, factual questions that even after having been pregnant 3 times, I didn't know the answers to!

But in the end, my partner and I still won the game! It was hard to remember to answer in the form of a question! We all had a lot of fun and laughed a lot!

After the game it was time for dessert! We had an awesome chocolate cappuccino cheesecake with fresh whipped cream! It was AMAZING!! I will definitely be getting the recipe!

And then I got spoiled with thoughtful gifts...
My Mom and best friend Jill even sent gifts through the mail! I so wish they could have been there.

Look at how adorable Jill packaged her present! Can you tell she teaches Kindergarten? Perfect little touches of cuteness!

I got gift cards and diapers...

and tiny little outfits.

And both of my sister in laws got me some fun reading material too, to help me relax before baby arrives! They so know me! Ha!

With our due dates just 3 days apart, Mandy found these perfect onesies for our future BFF's: Thing 1 and Thing 2! We'll have to do a photo shoot with them wearing them once they are born!

Mandy also made me this adorable diaper cake with little stress relieving and relaxation lotions and scrubs attached to it! Something for baby and mommy!

I was so blessed to have a night to think about this baby and help prepare for his arrival! Here I am with my sister in law Jayne, friend Gwen, sister in law Cara, and mother in law Barb! I'm so glad to have them here to love on and help with our boys!

And these girls have been the best support system over the years of having moved away from friends and family in Illinois and Michigan. We all married Denver Christian boys and are so thankful for their lasting friendships that have now brought us together! (From left to right: Kim Krauth, me, Lindsay Cottier, Mariah Van Eps, and Mandy Leensvaart)

And my awesome hostesses and fellow preggo friends! It will be so fun to raise our BOYS together! Yes, we are all having BOYS!!!

A HUGE thank you to all of my friends and family who have helped to make my third pregnancy so special! I can't wait to introduce you all to our latest handsome Jansen boy! Let's just hope he hangs in there for a few more weeks!


thesloothaaks said...

SO FUN!!! They did such a great job adding sweet touches! And I love your black and brown outfit! So fashion forward even at almost 9 months pregnant! Love you!

Cara S. said...

Yes, it was super fun. So glad we could get together to pamper you, you deserve it! And, because we got to leave the kiddos at home, we ALL got pampered!

boschkp said...

Glad you enjoyed your special "pamper" party, you deserved it. Sorry I missed it..your gift will be in the mail soon.