Friday, May 20, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away!

We've had a rainy and gloomy week around here! Which is not very common in sunny Colorado! So we've had to spend a little more time cooped up inside. Growing up outside of Chicago, I'm pretty used to a grey day, and I actually really like them every so often! But a whole week has been a little much! Here are some pics of some fun we've been having around the house lately!

Daddy built a fun tent for the boys with the couch, ottoman, and blankets!
Heath had a blast crawling through the tunnels!
They ended up having to use baseball bats to prop up the blankets! Nolan absolutely adores his Daddy!

Nolan playing with his stuffed animals in his "ship"!

Brothers cuddling up to watch Finding Nemo together!

And finally, a little breakfast time clip that includes a lot of giggling, a bit of silliness, a whole bunch of smiles, and a dash or two of the common screeching toddler! Just another morning around the Jansen household!

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