Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Jansen BOY #3!
Yep! That's right...we are now the proud parents of 3 BOYS!
I am WAY outnumbered!
But I will be so loved and very well taken care of by my 4 guys!

Here he is at 20 weeks! I think his profile looks a little different from Nolan and Heath's at this same stage of pregnancy. He has more of a Johnson nose like my Dad and Brother!

But in this video, he really reminds me of Heath with his broad rounded chest! I just love watching him arching his back!

Yawning! What a hard life he lives! The structure of his cheek bones looks just like the boys! You could see his chubby cheeks already!

He was VERY active in the ultrasound and was moving all around! He kept putting his fists up which was just perfect...if you know his story, he's been a fighter all along!

After finding out the gender of the baby on Tuesday, we had Mark's family over for a little party to reveal our big news!
It was a nice night to grill out! It's crazy to think that in just a few months we'll have another BOY to add to this mix!

Payton is such a good sport about being the only girl! Here she is sportin' her usual tail as the boys "played bags"! The only Jansen grandkid missing was Landon...he was off eating grass

It was so nice having my mom in town when we found out we were having another boy! Here she is eating dinner with Nolan!

After we ate, we had a fun plan to share our news! We really wanted to include the boys in the announcement! Check out the video to see how we told everyone...

Nolan found out he would be having another brother when the kids opened the present and released the BLUE balloons!

They also found blue candies at the bottom of the tub! Each cousin got to pick their favorite: blue gummy sharks, blue sour patch straws, a blue tootsie pop, blue pretzel M&M's, and blue Skittles! Yum! Needless to say all the candy was devoured in celebration!

My Mom even made a blue cake for the big people dessert!

And at the end of the night all the kids walked away with a blue balloon as well! Score!

I feel like baby #3's often get overlooked. Especially when it's another baby of the same sex. So I really want to make sure that we celebrate and take time to acknowledge how amazing this gift of life is to us! And this night was the perfect way to welcome our 3rd son into his awesome family!


boschkp said...

Abby...your creativity never ceases to amaze me! Congrats again. Will be awesome to have another nephew in the family.

Love you all,

pamnrandy said...

So glad I was able to be there! Miss you guys already!

thesloothaaks said...

Awww! I love it! So excited for you guys!

Barb J. said...

A great night and awesome news...we are excited for another little Jansen grandson for sure. Fun to have you there Pam also and for the blue cake as well. Congrats Mark and Abby! (and Nolan and Heath)
Love Oma and Opa

Cara S. said...

Congrats and thanks for a great dinner and including us in all the reveal fun! We love little "Tommy Wesley" already :)