Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life at Grandma & Grandpa's House...IS...

pretty sweet!
The boys have so much fun with all the new and different toys!
{Playing Yahtzee...a Johnson family favorite...startin' 'em young!}

And they get all their favorite snacks!

They get to run a little wild...

and do A LOT of playing!
{Yes, those are Wrestlers! Pretty awesome huh?!}
{And yes, those are jeans diapers! I bought them by mistake but they were actually kinda cute!}

They do tons of reading!
{Nolan was introduced to the Muppet Babies in this of my childhood favs!}

And have a yummy treat or two!

All this and more, just around the house! Wait till you see what they did when they went out and about! More to come over the next few days!


pamnrandy said...

Come back soon! Miss you so much...Love, Grandma

pamnrandy said...

Nolan was also introduced into the word "ugly", as in ugly stepsisters. Has he used it lately?