Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy 4th...or 19th...you get the point!

So I am WAY behind in posting these pictures. And I didn't even take them! Thanks Cara for sharing them with me so I could post them on the blog. Because of course in all the commotion of just getting home from Chicago the night before, I completely forgot to bring my camera up to the cabin for the holiday! Oops!

We usually go up first thing in the morning and take part in the Indian Hills Parade, spend the whole day relaxing, hiking, and playing in the foothills. But we were all EXHAUSTED from travel so we decided to bump tradition and spend most of the day as a little family at home. Heath ended up going down for an unusual morning nap, I started some laundry, and Mark and Nolan escaped to the movies to see CARS 2!!! He loved it of course! When they got home we ate lunch, and put the boys down for a good afternoon nap in hopes that they would be able to make it and stay awake for the fireworks later that night!

And they did! We headed up to the cabin for time catching up with Mark's family, dinner, sparklers, and FIREWORKS!!!
I was so off my game...usually I plan to have red, white, and blue clothes ready for the boys to wear. This year, not so much! Oh well! Mark keeps telling me they're boys, and...THEY DON'T CARE! I know, I know!

Spelling our names with the sparks!

Cheering "oooh, ahhh" with each firework! Nolan really wanted to see an orange one. He says orange is his new favorite color. But they must not make orange fireworks because we sure didn't see one!

Heath kept signing "more, more, more" between each firework boom! I think he liked them!

O.k. so now that it's the 19th of July I am finally ALMOST caught up on my blogging! Just one more post to go...TOMORROW!

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