Monday, July 11, 2011


After a fun afternoon with the Sloothaaks and their kids, an early morning wake up call (2 a.m. to be exact), a dark drive to Detroit, and a sleepy flight to Miami we were finally ready to set sail to the Bahamas!

The four of us have been dreaming of this vacation for years and it was finally about to happen! Jill & John have gone on cruises before and couldn't stop talking about their beauty, relaxation, and FOOD! And we were definitely ready for a kid free week of pampering and catching up with our dearest friends!

The boys stayed with my parents all week and were in the best hands, we missed them of course, but really enjoyed our time focusing on our marriage and reconnecting with close friends!

The first thing we did when we got on the ship was EAT!
This was the spot we ate many breakfasts and lunches! We would go to the buffet and find a scenic spot on the back deck to eat and take in the views!

Before we could get into our staterooms, we walked around the ship and checked out everything it had to offer! Here Jill and I are in the grand lobby in front of this fancy elevator!

A view from our room! We were so happy that we got a room with a view! The porthole helped it feel a little bit bigger and it was exciting to wake up in the morning and look outside to see where we had docked!

As soon as we could, we put our suits on and hopped into the pool! Just a tip in case you ever go on a cruise: pack your swimsuit in your carry on or purse so that while you wait for your luggage to be brought to your room, you can enjoy the sun and pools right away! A lot of people knew to do this...we did not!

Here's a view of the pools from the top deck!

After a few hours in the sun we were ready to set sail!
We went out to the front of the ship to wave goodbye to Miami as we cruised away from the port!

The skies were a bit cloudy all week, but we still managed to get a good tan! Even with the clouds it was still 85 degrees and HUMID! We were actually thankful that the sun wasn't in full force and there was a really nice breeze most days!

When we were out on the open seas, we showered and got ready for a fun night out!
Jill and I ready for a fancy dinner and a evening of entertainment! We ate at a table overlooking the water. Each night we got multiple appetizers, occasionally 2 entrees, and delicious desserts! There were so many great options to try, and of course, it was all FREE, or at least included in the price we paid for the cruise, so we thought, why not! My mouth is watering just thinking about it right now! And almost the best part of all was the fact that it was made for me and I didn't have to keep children entertained, or wipe any faces while I ate out all week! Heaven!

Mark and I overlooking the ocean!

And I thought I'd throw this one in for fun! Isn't he H-O-T and oh so funny! After dinner we sat up on the top deck and listened to music and people are great for that!

Later in the evening we hit up an ultra-cheesy Broadway type show: Soul Rockin' Nights!
The singing and song selection were just o.k., but the company was the best part! After the show we hit up the hot tubs too! We even managed to stay up until midnight...if you know us girls, you know that's an accomplishment!

All this on the first day! Wow! Too many photos for just one post, so I'll have to do it in a few installments! Check in again tomorrow!


thesloothaaks said...

Oooh, I forgot about those wild hot tubs! Love to see your pics! I was bummed when I got home that I hadn't taken a picture of the pool deck -- Trey would have loved to see it. I'll have to show him yours!

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