Sunday, June 12, 2011

Parker Days!

We had such a fun weekend together as a family! Friday we just ran errands and ate out at a new, near-by restaurant- Freddy's! We had yummy Butter Burgers and the boys favorite...french fries! Saturday and Sunday were spent hanging out with friends at a graduation party and hitting up PARKER DAYS!

Parker has a great festival each June and in the 6 years we've lived here, we've never gone! So now that our kids are a little older we thought it would be something fun for us all to do together!

First, we hit up the parade!
Heath loves balloons and shouts out "ball, ball, ball" every time he sees one, which was about every 2 seconds at the parade! There were a lot of them and many of them made their way up into the sky, which was even more exciting for him!

Handsome boys watching the parade!

Can you tell he loves his Daddy?! Just a little! :)

Here are some pics of Nolan's FAVORITE parade attractions...
Lots of horses...can you hear Heath growling at every single one? He sure did!

Nolan LOVED all the cars and wanted to know each one's name!

There were a bunch of really neat old ones!

One parade attraction was giving out, as Nolan called them, "juice pops"! He had never had one before and it was just what this hot boy needed as we watched the rest of the parade!

Oh Parker, I have a love/hate relationship with you...sometimes I really do feel like I'm living in the country!

And check out this cool Fire Truck!

After a lot of candy was collected and an entire preschool had marched down the street, that was it for the parade and our Saturday at Parker Days! It was time for good naps, air conditioning, and clean feet!

But we just didn't get enough of the fun and came back on Sunday too to meet up with some friends of mine from school and their families!

We came a bit early to play...
Having fun at Main Street Park!

My little swingin' boy!

Nolan thinks it's pretty cool that we will actually let him PUSH his brother! He never misses out on this opportunity!


CHEESE! Look, I'm actually in some pictures! Usually I'm the one taking them all!

Woo hoo!

Next stop, the Petting Zoo...a must for our little animal lover!
For some reason Nolan likes to pet their back sides and tails!

We didn't want to pay for Heath to go in because we thought with his previous track record that he might be freaked out by the animals, so instead we bought some carrots and just let him feed the animals from behind the fence! And much to our surprise...he LOVED them! He laughed and smiled and let them eat right out of his hands!

I guess next time we'll be paying for two kids to step on poop and pat nappy fur and almost get peed on! Ha!

Nolan said, "Mommy, I'm pulling his tail GENTLY!" Oh, good Nolan! Let's just hope he doesn't kick you in the face!

The llama actually had really soft, fluffy, nice fur! I even gave it a pat or two!

Next we moved onto the carnival! With unbelievable prices, we opted for just one ride!
We chose the $9 train ride! Nolan, as usual, was a little nervous at first, but ended up really liking it! I even got waves and smiles! Heath didn't really care for the lion in his face and cried a bit, but all in all it was a success! After riding Nolan did his "excited dance" and said, "I was brave! That was fun!" Next year, we'll try some more- it just might break the bank!

And of course, a day at a carnival would not be complete without some great, but not-so-good-for-you, food! And boy did we eat!
Enjoying some cotton candy while our friends rode the Ferris Wheel!

Then Nolan and Mark devoured this fried Twinkie in no time at all!

And of course, this little swiper got his hands on some of my funnel cake too! We were all covered in powdered sugar! But oh was it worth it! Yum!

Now we are home, laying on the couch in utter exhaustion while the boys are both zonked out taking long naps upstairs! It was a hot, busy weekend, full of fun! And Nolan is already talking about going back to PARKER DAYS next year!


pamnrandy said...

Looks like fun...See you soon!
Love, Momela

thesloothaaks said...

Love these hot, sunny days and getting to be outside! Looks like you had a lot of fun! And I think that Trey has that same pair of shorts that Nolan is wearing...or a pair very similar. :) Fun!