Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Cool Pop!

We had a great Father's Day together! Actually, our whole weekend together was pretty cool!
On Saturday we decided to divide and conquer! Heath and I headed out on some errands while Nolan got to go with Daddy on what he called, "a secret mission"! Really, it wasn't so secret, they just went to Lowe's and Home Depot. But they happened to get there right as the Kids Workshop was starting. Daddy and Nolan got to build this tool box together and Nolan got his very own Home Depot apron with his name on it! He thought he was pretty awesome!

On Sunday morning, Nolan and I surprised Mark with a yummy breakfast in bed and gifts!

Nolan thought the Cars card he picked out for Daddy was just the best! He was so proud of everything he did for his Dad!

After breakfast and Skyping with my Dad, Mark got to spend the day golfing with Wes and having some fun time to himself doing something he enjoys!

Later that day we met up with him again and his whole family at the pool for some sloppy joes and swimming! Too bad the weather wasn't that nice and warm!

But we still had a blast and scarfed on some delicious fruit pizza too!

We are so thankful for Mark and the fun and hardworking Dad he is! You should see the hugs and excitement that happens in our house each day that Mark gets home from work! I sure don't get that welcome when I get home after being away! That must mean that Daddy is pretty darn special!

No one is as funny, no one is as silly, and no one is as loving as Daddy is! We love you Mark and think you are truly one cool Pop!

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pamnrandy said...

See you in 2 days! Mark is a pretty cool Pop!