Thursday, January 7, 2016


Brooks turned FOUR on December 17! His birthday fell at a VERY busy time this year. We had school, and Christmas parties, and I was flying to Chicago the next day to throw a baby shower for Auntie. But despite his birthday being at a crazy time of year, I always want to try my best to still make it special for him! 

He woke up super excited for the day to be all about him! We bought him that sweet new dinosaur sweatshirt and he wanted to get dressed right away and go downstairs to see his birthday chair! Of course it was a Power Ranger theme this year! 

Then he spent the morning at Oma & Opa's house with his cousins! They took the birthday boy out for a celebratory donut! 

That afternoon he came home for a nap to rest up before it was PARTY TIME! 
Some of the fun b-day touches...

He was so thrilled with all of the decorations and made me take his picture by each and every one of these swirly Power Rangers! He moved his chair over an inch or two, climbed back up, smiled, I snapped a picture, and then repeat until we reached the 6th and final one. 

He also loved his chalkboard design! 

Here he is getting set up for his party. Silly boy! 

The Kiddie Table! 
He requested Mac 'n Cheese for dinner. Ha! So I made the boys Kraft, and bought a good Mac 'n Cheese at Costco for us adults. I also made BBQ chicken in the crockpot for sandwiches. 

After dinner it was present time! 
He didn't want to take the presents off of his chair to sit in it. So we opened them up on the floor. 
He got Minions from Auntie & Flobby! 

And he got 2 new Ranger sets from Nolan & Heath! 

Love these fun brothers! (Heath rode The Polar Express at school that day- hence his p.j.'s.)

We got him Inside Out! His favorite character is Anger! Ha! 

Grandma & Grandpa got him Red Ranger and Rudolph to go along with Eckabee! 
Skyping with Grandma & Grandpa! 

The Sloothaaks sent new Playdough and a Reusable Sticker Pad. 
They are so good to our boys! 

He got 4 dollars from Oma & Opa! 

A new sled! 

Thanks Oma & Opa! 

Next up...
Cake time! 
He put his hand directly into the frosting as soon as he sat down! 

Lovin' his cool cake! 
He helped me pick out the image to have put on it! He loved that it had Robo Knight on it too! 

A little apprehensive to have all eyes on him...
So Mommy joined the fun. 

Love my cutie! 

Cutting the cake...

Fun with Flobby! 

Once all of the presents were off of the chair, then he wanted to climb on up! 

After cake Brooks was ready to play with all of his new toys. 
Isn't this photo so sweet. He named his new reindeer, "Auntie, Mommy, Mickey, Rudolph" and then it was Mickey again and then finally Rudolph. He couldn't make up his mind. But I think we're sticking with Rudolph now even though he doesn't have a red nose. 

Sticker time! 

Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate our boy! He went to bed one VERY HAPPY boy that night! 

The next day he got to celebrate with his class too! 
He picked out this BIG chocolate chip cookie with orange writing on it to share with his friends. He told his class that he just wanted them to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and not to sing to him. Ha! But his teachers said he was smiling and so happy to pass out napkins for his treat. He also told me that everyone thought the cookie was "yummy, yummy"! 
He LOVED his birthday crown too! It even made a reappearance on Christmas Eve! Ha! 

Oh, Brooks…how we love you! 
We hope that you had the BEST day and felt so celebrated for the awesome kid you are! 

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Jill Sloothaak said...

I just can't believe that your little surprise guy is already FOUR!! And what a cutie pie he is! So glad that you were able to have a fun celebration for your special youngest boy!