Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A quick get-away!

This past weekend we escaped up to our favorite little spot in the foothills: Bo-Zo Farms! We drove up Friday after work with our good pals, the Leensvaarts. We love that this family cabin is just a quick 45 minutes away but when you're there you feel like you're a million miles from the city!

We ordered some Beau Jo's pizza for dinner and enjoyed stuffing our faces and sharing lots of laughs amidst the retro decor!

After dinner we built a campfire...
The boys thought it was pretty cool to snuggle up by the flames!

Heath was mesmerized by the fire! He cuddled up with Mandy and even ended up falling asleep on my lap! It was so warm and cozy!
Mark roasted us some marshmallows!

And we made Smores! Nolan actually liked just the marshmallows the best! Heath was only interested in the chocolate...typical! Myself- I ate 2 whole Smores! Yum! One for me and one for baby, right?!

Nolan showing off his chipmunk cheeks {FULL} of marshmallows!

This is a blurry shot, but Nolan enjoyed snuggling up with his Daddy by the fire, and laughing with the adults! But at one point he said, "Daddy, I'm tired, I think it's time for bed!" He was so excited to spend the night at the cabin for the first time that he even suggested it was bedtime! It was 10 o'clock at this point, so I'm sure he was really exhausted!

The boys slept in the same room, right next door to us. A good test for what's coming next month when we switch Heath into Nolan's room and they share the bunk bed! They both slept great! They woke up about a half an hour earlier than usual, but they woke up laughing and playing together! It was the best sound to wake up to! When I went in to get them up, Nolan was laying in bed belly laughing and Heath was jumping up and down in the Pack 'n Play. I opened the door and Nolan jumped up and said, "Good morning Mommy!" So sweet!

We got up slowly, played some games and trucks, and then ventured outside into the crisp morning air to do a little exploring!

We cooked up a {BIG} delicious breakfast!

And enjoyed eating our pancakes, eggs, bacon, and fruit out in the fresh mountain air!

Heath LOVED climbing all over and showing off his Mountain Man skills! He also LOVED playing with Moose and Murphy, the Leensvaart's dogs! He LOVES their licks and kisses and patting them!

My handsome guy, with just a {little} dirt on his face!

Lots of Sandbox time!

Silly boy!

And we took our usual "Circle" hike in the afternoon! Nolan loves leading the way!

Running through the meadow!

Looking for the "perfect rock" with Auntie Mandy!

Tired out by the end of the hike...both boys ended up on shoulders! I guess going during nap time wasn't the smartest idea on my part, but they still had a BLAST!

When we got back to the cabin we were {ALL} tuckered out: 2 pregnant women, 2 little boys, 2 pups, and even the 2 big boys! We ate some yummy sandwiches and snacks for lunch and watched a little college football before it was time to head back home!

We drove back in the early evening because Mark had a Bachelor Party to go to. We unpacked and then it was an early bedtime for all...including me! (Well, except for Mark, he was busy winning us some money in Blackhawk and didn't stroll into bed until 2 a.m.! But at least he came home a WINNER, and had fun celebrating D.J. as well!)

We are so incredibly blessed to have this little piece of heaven to escape to! And it was wonderful spending some family time together! We really want to be intentional about slowing down and just being together while we can over these next two months before things really get crazy with the birth of our 3rd boy! It will be here before we know it!


thesloothaaks said...

I didn't realize that you had friends along! FUN! Trey would LOVE exploring by the cabin with Nolan...maybe someday!! Your boys are just looking so old and very handsome!!

Cara S. said...

Looks like a fun trip, wish we could have joined you. Was that the first time Rick and Mandy have been there?