Thursday, March 17, 2011

not a ::wee:: bit

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

We sure had fun celebrating today!
Even though we are not even a ::wee:: bit Irish!
(and have a depressing lack of green clothing in our wardrobe)

We started the morning with our usual day off routine of G-G-P! Gym, Groceries, Park! Then it was home for some festive holiday baking and activities!

First we made cupcakes...
Nolan loves helping out in the kitchen!

Especially if it involves licking the spoons!

Our finished Masterpieces!
And we also made these...
Shamrock jello jigglers...a way cool after nap snack!

Heath wasn't so sure at first!

But soon enough he was ready to dig in & completely devour his clover!

Then it was time for some little gifts! Who doesn't love an excuse to give and receive presents?! Certainly not me!

I found these adorable cushion envelopes on Good Gravy Designs Blog! All I had to do was print them out, cut, fold, tape, stuff, and add some ribbon! (You should check out her website and blog- she has some crazy cute stuff!)

Nolan was THRILLED to open up his gift!
(Yes, I know it looks like he is growling...but that, unfortunately, is his forced CHEESE face! Hopefully this is just a phase! Ha!)

So curious to see what was inside...

Gold Chocolate Coins! Lucky Boys!

And look what I was lucky enough to find when I turned my back on him for seriously 10 seconds! Chocolate coin, in his mouth, foil and all! It took everything within me to pry that sucker out of his mouth! He wanted it bad! Who could resist that messy face?!

Then we were off to deliver some of our treats! We swung by Cohen's, Daddy's baseball game, and Payton & Brady's house to hand off some yummy St. Patty's day cheer! Too bad Trey-Trey & Rowie don't live closer, we had to mail them theirs, but it would have been WAY more fun to drop them off in person!

What a great day we had! And despite our lack of Irishness, we LOVE a holiday that makes us stop to recognize just how {LUCKY} we are!


Cara S. said...

And how lucky we are to be the recipients of your fun St. Patrick's Day gifts! Thanks so much for stopping by...sorry I missed you, but I had a cupcake when I got home from the basketball game :)

Tyler said...

You keep saying you hope his cheesy smile is just a phase. I think you better just learn to embrace the cheese. :)

thesloothaaks said...

So fun, Abbs! Love all the little green touches that you added to your day! The leprechauns hit my classroom yesterday too! It was pure chaos for a few minutes, but SO much fun!

Anonymous said...

I love all the fun things you do to make the days special! Very inspiring :) The pic of Heath with the chocolate coin made me laugh out loud! What a cutie!
Love you guys!