Monday, March 7, 2011


Nolan loves the movie CARS! And in the movie, the character Mater, calls Sally- the pretty blue sports car, Lightening McQueen's, "Girlyfriend"!

So now, every friend that Nolan meets that is a girl automatically becomes his "girlyfriend"! The 2 girls we met at the park the other day are now his "girlyfriends" and he is upset when they aren't always at the park whenever we go there.

So of course, when Ella Krauth came over last Saturday, she too, was his "girlyfriend"!

Here are some pictures from our afternoon date!

Trying to get them all to smile at the same time is next to impossible!

Nolan is sitting on his feet, and Ella is hunched over, but still, Nolan looks HUGE next to all 15 pounds of her cute self! Hey, Heath even looks gigantic next to petite little Ella Jean! But our boys looking big is really nothing new!

"Auntie" Abby even got to be in a rare picture! I love any "girly" time I can get when I am surrounded by dudes all day long!

Heath is VERY into hugging and kissing these days! He constantly tries to hug and kiss his little cousins Cohen and Landon and it was no different with Ella! He leans in his head for kisses and says "mmmm...muah!" It's the sweetest thing!

But I think we'll continue to chaperone their dates for a little while...maybe forever!

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