Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Revolving Door

Our guest bedroom seems to have a revolving door lately!

My good college friend, Katie Hommes, got married last weekend! Which was the perfect excuse for a little Giddings Girls fun! So Betsy and her adorable son Jack hopped on a plane and flew out from California to celebrate the Hommes-Algera union!

We had a busy 4 days of wrangling boys, feeding hungry mouths, laughing, reading, playing, & encouraging the joys of sharing!

It was great to catch up and live life together for a few days!

Rub-a-Dub-Dub 3 boys in a tub!




Jack's first trip to the zoo! He LOVED the animals! In this photo they were checking out the 4 baby tigers!

We had a picnic lunch!

Smiling with the elephants!

Hommes' Wedding Reception...

For our wedding gifts, Katie painted Betsy and I beautiful pictures of mountains. She painted me the Rockies- my new home, which Hommes also shared. And mountains in Honduras for Betsy because she and Katie both have lived and worked there. We both have them framed and hanging in our homes.

So Betsy and I decided to create our own masterpiece for Katie & Jeff on their big day. This is what we came up with- the mountain backdrop from the church where the ceremony was held. We used candle wax and barbeque sauce from our table at the reception. Isn't it gorgeous?! Hommes, we'll be looking for this to be hanging in your new home!

Betsy and I with the stunning bride! The wedding & reception were perfectly Hommes!

Mark getting down on the dance floor with the ladies & little kids!

It was a great dance party! The gorgeous girl in brown on the right is Becky Vanderzee! The younger sister of Mark's college housemate Bryan and she also just happens to be a VERY FUN friend of mine too!

Betsy saw our post on Nolan's new found fascination with shaving and brought him his very own kids shaving kit! It is adorable and Nolan thought it was so fun! I'm sure we'll be using this gift over and over and over again!

All 3 kiddos playing nicely in the basement! A rare moment where I could get them all to cooperate! But they are quite cute, aren't they! 3 blonde, blue eyed boys! We can't wait to watch them grow up together!

Betsy & Jack...thanks for coming out to visit! You are more than welcome anytime, but next time bring Ben! Mark misses him! We love you!


thesloothaaks said...

SO FUN!!! Love all of you so much! Wish that I could have been in on the fun. Glad that you had a great time!

B and B said...

Great post, Abbs! Thanks again for your hospitality.... it was SUCH a good time! LOVE!