Sunday, October 24, 2010

Go DU!

Mark's Oma Bosch has had tickets to University of Denver hockey for years and years. Mark grew up going to every game. Before we had Nolan we went to a few games together, but since having kids it just hasn't seemed realistic to go. We thought Nolan was finally old enough to enjoy the game and atmosphere so we decided to head out to the DU/Wisconsin game last night.

When we first arrived we got to snap a photo with the DU Pioneer!

They have great seats- just a few rows up from the ice. Nolan sat in his own seat for most of the game and watched; pointing out the players, the ice, the skates, the flags, the net, the seats, etc. etc. etc. He talked pretty much non stop!

Heath sat on Uncle Dave's lap for most of the night. He had our entire section watching him more than the game. He waved, smiled, pulled the stink-eye, clapped, jumped, bounced, and laughed the whole time! He is so expressive and personable!

I really couldn't get Nolan to pose for a picture the whole evening. He was entranced by everything going on around him. This was the best I could get of us!

Heath with Auntie Sue & Uncle Dave- he always feels the need to wave at the camera! Sue & Dave were a great help to us with the boys all night. It was so nice to go out with the boys and have some extra sets of hands to care for them! We actually got to relax and watch the game a bit! Although in true Abby form- I did not happen to see either of DU's goals for the night. I wonder what I could have been doing instead? :)

Nolan was fascinated with the zambonies- probably his favorite part of the night. We looked at the gift shop for a little zambonie for him and he was devastated when we couldn't find one. But Auntie Sue bought popcorn instead and all was good in the world again! He said he would ask for one for Christmas or his birthday!

Heath was so tired he fell asleep amidst the craziness! He took a little snooze until the Pioneers scored their first goal pretty late in the game! He was startled awake, but was the life of the party during all the celebrating!

Nolan ate his way through the game, switched seats a million times, read all the numbers on the seats and of course asked A MILLION QUESTIONS about the game and the arena. He is so curious and wants to know what everything is, what everything does, and why everything happens! Once he learned a little about the game he was starting to tell me what he saw happening! And Auntie Sue taught him about her favorite player- Zucker. He would cheer, "Go Zucker, Go Zucker!" He probably knows more about hockey than I do!

Nolan especially liked the net and goalie! And he thought the big net blocking the fans from getting hit by a stray puck was really cool as well.

The game ended with a tie- after a 5 minute overtime the score was still 2-2. So even though we didn't win, at least we didn't lose either! It was a late night for all but the boys did great! We were really proud of them. There were a few hungry moments & a few sleepy & overstimulated whines and cries, but overall it was the first of many fun nights out at DU hockey!


thesloothaaks said...

So sporty! I love your explanations of all things sports-related. They sound just like the way I would explain them! Sounds like you had a fun night!

boschkp said...

Looks like we have more hockey fans in the family. Glad you had a good time. I am sure Uncle Dave and Auntie Sue loved it!