Thursday, May 22, 2014


Random Post coming at ya...
Watching Rockies Recaps on a lazy Saturday morning. 

This little stinker is in to everything these days. I catch him in a lot of crazy situations! Here he was in the mood for honey I guess! 
And here…this is what Potty Training looks like with Brooks! He's a wild one! 
And I think this pic is just too funny not to share. Hopefully it's blurry enough for you! 
Brooks just constantly cracks me up. He's something else, that's for sure. 

This photo shows the difference in our old paint color (on the left) and the new living room color we painted Easter weekend (on the right). 

We had a few ambitious weekends, because the next Saturday, we painted Nolan's Room...

The boys REALLY wanted to help us! Mark wasn't too thrilled about the idea. But I loved their willing attitudes and I really want them to always feel like they can contribute! 

While Mark and I finished up painting, these two kept themselves busy and played so nicely for hours. 

Here are some photos of Nolan's freshly painted room! He loves having his own space now! 

 The boys have loved helping Mark in the yard lately. 
Nolan mowing. 

And a few weeks later…
Heath wanted to give it a try. I love that Mark takes the time to hang out with them individually…to spend time with them doing things that they personally enjoy. 

Playing on the Mammoth Heights Playground before Nolan's Fun Run...

 He did a great job! 
I ran a few laps with him. 

But then when he was super comfortable and having a blast on his own I was sidelined. 

High Fiving our neighbor Sophie. 

Heath joined in on the action! 

Here he is on his last lap!
He ran 24 laps which was a mile and a half. 

Hanging with his friends after the run! He never stopped. Not one single time. No water break for him. His teacher told him to run and to keep running…so that's what he did! Silly guy! 

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa, Oma & Opa, Uncle T. & Laura, Auntie & Flobby, and Uncle E. & Auntie Kim for supporting Nolan and Mammoth Heights for his Fun Run! He won a lot of fun prizes and their library will be getting a cool update this summer with the funds raised! 

Me & my Kindergarten teammates at Lowes for a fun Saturday morning of "Dads Do Science". 70 cute Kindergarteners wielding hammers was quite interesting. But fun! Donuts and these ladies…the perfect way to start the weekend. So thankful for all of the amazing friends I have made at Antelope over the past ELEVEN years! 

Our weather has been interesting lately. Sunny and warm to freezing and snow. That's Colorado in the Spring for ya! 
Stuffed Animal Day! Nolan chose "Ducky". He has loved this guy since he was a baby. And that love sure shows on Ducky! He got to draw and write about Ducky using his 5 senses and Ducky went everywhere with him for his full day. He had been waiting for this all year! 

Celebrating "Fruncle" Brad's 30th Birthday! 

We had such a nice evening! 

Teacher Appreciation Week: 
We always do a few small things throughout the week to let our favorite teachers know we care. 

Nolan wrote each of his teachers a thoughtful note the first day. 

Day 2: an Apple for the Teacher

Day 3: a sweet treat

Day 4: Bath & Body Works hand soaps

Day 5: Saving the Best for Last...
Nothing Bundt Cakes- chocolate, chocolate chip! Yum!!

Nolan was SO proud to bring his teachers something fun each day! 

A few fun school things...
Heath planted grass seed at school and it's been growing like crazy! He thinks it's the coolest! 
Nolan made this at school. I loved what he said! He wants to travel! I sure hope he does! 

Celebrating Oma's Birthday and Mother's Day at the Syers' house...

Roasting Marshmallows with my bud! 

Smores! Delicious…our first of the summer! This picture was taken 2 seconds before Nolan fell into this window well and shouted {cried}, "MY BALLS!!!!!" One leg was in, one was out, and the poor fellow got crushed. We all couldn't help to laugh even though he was in pain. 

A fun Saturday morning at Chaparral...
The boys rode their bikes and scooters and ran off some energy! 
It's nice having the high school so close! 

Then they came home and jumped on the neighbors tramp! We LOVE that it's in our neighbors backyard and not ours! It is so fun for them to bounce and our neighbors are the sweetest too.

And I'll leave you with this quote that I found on a blog this week...
It just about sums up my life during these busy last few weeks of school! I love it...mmm…and I'm already dreaming of tomorrow morning's iced latte! 

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Jill Sloothaak said...

So much goodness in this post! I love how Nolan's room turned out, and the color of your new living room walls. Oh, and I think Trey would love to be Nolan's traveling buddy one day. :)