Saturday, September 7, 2013

Look out comes Heath!

Heath is attending South East Christian Preschool this year. He is in Miss Birgitte and Miss Nancy's class. He is going to school just two mornings a week- on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We thought this would be the perfect transition into school for our sometimes unpredictable middle child. We chose South East Christian because it is super close to our house and because he's just going 2 days a week. We thought we could make it work to have Mark help pick up the boys from school and drive them to his Mom & Dad's house for the afternoon on just those 2 days. 

We got to go in and meet his teachers and check out his classroom the week before school started. Heath walked right in and felt right at home. 
He loved checking out all the fun centers. 

I love his smile in this photo. He looks so proud of his classroom! 

It will be fun having Heath go to a Christian Preschool this year. We LOVED Nolan's preschool, Sand Creek, and he met great friends and really blossomed there. But it will be neat for Heath to learn about God during these 2 formative years of Preschool. Heath will also be joining Nolan and I at TRU on Wednesday nights at church. I'm really looking forward to serving my church with both of my boys this year! 

The first day...
Nolan started a week and a half before Heath. So when it finally came time for Heath to start, he was MORE than ready! He has watched his big brother put on his back pack, line up, and love learning for a couple of years, and now, it was finally his turn! He picked out this cool backpack from PBK. And of course he wanted his name on it just like Nolan's. And he picked out that cool turtle keychain in Cancun. 

Showing off the folder that Grandma bought him. "Evil Beware!" Ha! So appropriate for his Christian school! 

What a cheese! 

He always does the funniest things with his arms when he poses for pictures. And can you spot the bruise on his forehead? A mishap at Arie's first birthday party a week or so before.

Love this one! 

All ready to go! He loved the new shirt we bought for his first day! He thought that he was supposed to wear it every day he went to Preschool! 

This one is going on my fridge! 

And of course, we had to make a special treat for his teachers as well. I love his sweet handwriting. 

Outside of school, waiting to go in. Check out his arms again...

and again! We don't know where he got that from! This picture is inside of the school lobby. 

Mark dropped Nolan off at school, so I snapped some pictures of Heathy, once inside, so he could show his Daddy. 
Hanging up his backpack. 

Silly smiles by his cubby! His classroom is an Owl theme this year...just like Grandma's is! 

Heath got started playing right away. I gave him a smooch and walked out the door! He did great and has transitioned so nicely to his new routine! He loves school and is always excited to go! 

When I picked him up 3 hours later, a donut treat was waiting for him, just like Nolan got on his first day. What you do for one, you have to do for the others. 

We have been super impressed with Heath. He has surprised us in so many ways with his independence. He has had a good role model to look up to and he has been so well behaved and such a good listener in school. I asked his teacher the other day about how he has been doing in class, and she said, "He is SO obedient!" She told me how great he's doing and I was so proud! If only he was always "SO obedient" at home too! 

When I pick Heath up each day he always remembers a couple of specific things to tell me about his day. He has made 2 good friends already, Landon and Lincoln. And he has taken home some cute projects already as well! 

This will be such a fun year of learning for him!
 We love you Heath Tyler and can't wait to watch you become a confident, funny, sweet, thoughtful, and persistent young man! We pray God will use your spirit and spunk for His good! 


Cara S. said...

Way to go Mr. Heath! You are definitely ready for preschool and you will be great! I bet anybody named Landon will be a great friend :)

Jill Sloothaak said...

Trey loves that Heath has an owl classroom too! He is just SO adorable! Can't wait to hear about his fun year in preschool!!