Tuesday, December 27, 2011

{loved ones}

We were spoiled with love and support by our friends and family during our stay at the hospital!
I made little treats for Brooks' first visitors to announce his name...3 Musketeers bars for my THIRD boy! And I truly hope our boys will be the best of friends as they grow older!

Mark's whole family and our niece and nephews all came to hang out in the waiting room anxiously anticipating the arrival of the 7th Jansen grandbaby!
They stayed busy with Uncle Brad's ipad and...

ran around in the hallways and listened for a new baby's cry through the door!

Finally, Mark came out to let everyone know that Brooks was born healthy and strong!
We surprised everyone there with his name! (Although, my Dad, sister, and best friend Jill had all figured out the name from our clues along the way!)

Uncle Wesley and Brooks Wesley

My mom was so happy to have made it in time for Brooks' birth!

Opa and Oma are happy to add the 6th straight boy to the mix!

And Payton is thrilled to still be the ONLY girl! She is such a sweet big cousin!

Later in the evening some of our best friends also stopped by to meet the big guy!
The Leensvaarts came to visit us straight from being discharged from Sky Ridge Hospital after giving birth to their son Jack Dempsey just 2 days earlier.

It is so neat that our 2 boys have birthdays so close together! Rick and Mark grew up together and so will our boys! We hope that they will be the best of friends just like their Dad's have been throughout the years.

Best Buds

James & Lindsay stopped by too! The 3 Amigos will be complete in early March! We can't wait to meet their little man so soon!

We sure had a busy room!
Nolan had fun playing playdough with his Grandmas!

Cara & Wes dropped Chipotle off for us for dinner so that we could have a break from the delicious hospital food!

Our second day at the hospital was much quieter...
just the boys and the grandparents. Nolan and Opa had fun with Doctor gloves, they put them on, blew them up, and drew on them. Anything to keep busy and entertained in a confined space!

Since we've been home we have been spoiled by calls, cards, gifts, texts, emails, Facebook messages, and even more visitors. Thank you to everyone who has already loved on our little Brooksie.

He is just the sweetest thing...if you haven't met him...
you need to...he's the best!

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thesloothaaks said...

Awww....wish that I could get my hands on that precious bundle of sweetness!! Love him!